Green Coffee Bean Extract – 50% (Chlorogenic Acid)

December 14th, 2017 by

Antioxident, Anit-inflammatory, Used in weight management formulas, Chlorogenics Acids exert an inhibitory effect on fat accumulation and appetite suppressing effects

Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA)

May 30th, 2018 by
  • ●Can promote relaxation, eases nervous tension
    ●Used in formulas to support healthy nervous system functions
    ●Recommended to purchase with choline and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)

Garcinia Cambogia Extract 50% HCA

July 11th, 2018 by
  • An essential souring ingredient
  • Popular use as a weight management aid
  • May prevent fat storage

Garlic Powder (Odorless)

July 13th, 2018 by
  • Cream to light yellow colored powder
  • Highly unstable organic sulfides
  • Strong antibacterial effect
  • Good functions to protect mildew preservation and immune enhancement

Ginger Powder

July 13th, 2018 by
  • Pale yellow to brown powder with greenish tinge, a powerful antioxidant
  • Use as an herbal remedy and as a culinary spice
  • Support digestive health and healthy cardiovascular function
  • Prevent or relieve from nausea and upset stomach
  • Help to temporarily alleviate menstrual pain

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Powder

July 13th, 2018 by
  • Enhance brainpower, improve memory and prevent dementia
  • Reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and prevent hardening of the arteries
  • Antioxidant
  • Eliminate back pain and numbness
  • Improve urination

Ginkgo Biloba Extract 24/6

July 13th, 2018 by
  • Anti-oxidant and quench free-radicals
  • Improve memory and brain functions
  • Prevent heart disease and apoplexy
  • Immune & Anti-Fatigue
  • Regulation of Blood System

Grape Seed Extract 95%

July 13th, 2018 by
  • A kind of Light smell and astringent tan to brown powder
  • Tooth decay—seed phenolics may inhibit oral sugar metabolism and retard growth of certain bacteria causing dental caries.
  • Osteoporosis—grape seed extracts enhanced bone density and strength in experimental animals. Skin cancer—grape seed proanthocyanidins decreased tumor numbers and reduced the malignancy of papillomas.
  • Ultraviolet damage to skin—dietary proanthocyanidins may protect against carcinogenesis and provide supplementation for sunscreen protection. Other studies show that grape seed extract proanthocyanidins help protect the body from sun damage and help support vision.
  • Applied in health product field ,its made into capsule ,and it has become the top the Salable natural plant extract product and owns the reputation natural health care product and orally cosmeticsin America.
  • Applied in food field ,its added into cake and cheese as nutrition exhanancer and inartificial preservative.
  • Applied in cosmetics field ,its the main efficacy factor of toning lotion or cream,it has the efficacy of refrming ,crease resisthing and freckle curing .It ca make skin smooth ,exquisite and be full of flexibility.

Green Coffee Bean Extract 4:1 – NLT 5% Chlorogenics Acids

July 13th, 2018 by
  • NLT 5% Chlorogenic acids
  • Antihypertensive effect
  • Enhance immune function
  • Resist oxidation

Green Tea Extract – 60% Polyphenols

July 13th, 2018 by
  • Light yellow brown powder
  • Immune system support
  • Powerful antioxidant