2019 VITAJOY Yearly luxury cruise liner tourism

Fight together, enjoy sightseeing tour together

On the 6th of June, 2019, VITAJOY Family totally 45 people started a Luxury cruise liner tourism – from Shanghai to Nagasaki via Costa Venezia Cruise liner, we came back on the 10th of June.The tour coincides with the Dragon Boat Festival, In line with the concept of working hard and living happily, we sincerely invited the families of our employees to go with us to relax and enjoy a happy parent-child time…….Now,Let’s go……

Here we are , Sea Mum open her arms and warmly hug us.we are impressed by your breadth and inclusiveness; This is also the VITAJOY Character!

Believe in love we are one heart, love each other we are a family

Children are our future, VITAJOY’S future

We take a family photo on the deck, You and Me, Move on a dream

In Starlight Bar, We drink together, have a lot of fun together……

In Phoenix Grand Theater , All seats are full of people, and the wonderful magic show stunned us

The melodious singing of the beautiful girl made us unwilling to leave

On deck, let the sea breeze stroked my long hair,slightlyl lifted my long skirt,Where my heart goes……

At the dinning room, All kinds of food make us salivate……

It was really a funny and amazing tourism….We are full of thankful, Thanks to VITAJOY, Thanks to Dan Gu ! VITAJOY is a warm family,Everyone will devote ourselves to work with more energy and enthusiasm. We have the confidence to be more powerful in the further, Just as the powerful sunshine!


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